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2018 Team Lists & Preliminary Grading for Submission

Following our Registrations & Gradings process here are the preliminary Team Lists for all our MiniRoos, Junior Competition & Senior Competition Teams for Season 2018 (these teams are still subject to possible changes).


Please note, we have indicated our nominated grade for each team, the actual grade that a team is allocated is subject to our submission to the SSFA Gradings Committee and their subsequent assessment and confirmation.

The final gradings for the teams submitted will be published once the SSFA have advised us.  

Each team will need to nominate a Coach and Manager, could you please put forward any nominations for these roles to [email protected] by Tuesday 13th March so that they can be considered by the committee.

If you have any other enquires regarding the Team Lists, please email Registrar Garry Haberecht at [email protected] .



Rockets Registrar & Rockewts Grading Committee


Proposed Submission Grade Team lists as at 04/03/2018
AL05 Joel A
AL05 Gavin B
AL05 David B
AL05 Kyle F
AL05 Ryan F
AL05 Daniel G
AL05 Nathan G
AL05 Joel M
AL05 Anthony M
AL05 Stephen O
AL05 Ewan R
AL05 Blake R
AL05 Jack S
AL05 Luke S
AL05 Philip W
AL05 David W
AL11 Simon B
AL11 Benjamin B
AL11 David C
AL11 Jack E
AL11 Leith E
AL11 Mark F
AL11 Mark G
AL11 Matthew H
AL11 Jack H
AL11 Ricky H
AL11 Nathan K
AL11 Arno K
AL11 Brendan L
AL11 Daniel L
AL11 Troy M
AL11 Liam S
AL11 Nathan T
AL12 Nathan C
AL12 Jeffrey C
AL12 Kynan F
AL12 Jake G
AL12 Marc H
AL12 Alec L
AL12 Rohan M
AL12 Kurt M
AL12 Jason N
AL12 Josh P
AL12 Dane P
AL12 Joshua S
AL12 Nathan S
AL12 Anthony Z
AL13 Tim B
AL13 Joshua B
AL13 Michael B
AL13 Jeff B
AL13 Brendan C
AL13 Hans D
AL13 Jeffrey D
AL13 Daniel G
AL13 Adam M
AL13 Ben M
AL13 Paul O
AL13 Nathan R
AL13 Paul R
AL13 Paul S
AL13 Daniel T
AL13 Christian T
AL13 Christopher W
AL16 John B
AL16 Mitchell B
AL16 Tom F
AL16 Matthew G
AL16 Andrea G
AL16 Adrian G
AL16 Christopher H
AL16 Shaun H
AL16 Benjamin K
AL16 Gregory K
AL16 Todd K
AL16 Joel M
AL16 Brett M
AL16 Benjamin N
AL16 Ed P
AL16 Sean S
AL16 Hayden V
O35C Peter B
O35C Ashley B
O35C Jacob C
O35C Adam C
O35C Brad C
O35C Christopher H
O35C Richard H
O35C John L
O35C Dean L
O35C Lucas M
O35C Robert M
O35C Patrick O
O35C Mitchell O
O35C David R
O35C Victor R
O35C Glen S
O35C Jason V
O45B John B
O45B John D
O45B Luke E
O45B Lambros G
O45B Scott H
O45B James H
O45B Steven K
O45B Malcolm M
O45B Ross P
O45B Craig R
O45B James S
O45B Craig S
O45B Chad S
O45B Murray S
O45B Geoff S
O45B Mark S
O45B Laureano V
O45B David W
O45B Bradley W
O45B Paul W
O45B Stephen W
O45B Jeff W
U06B Max H
U06B Jonah S
U06B Ryan W
U06B Kaito W
U06B Lucas X
W07H Nandini G
W07H Baylee H
W07H Chloe M
W07H Sasi M
W07H Makenzie S
W07H Amelia N
U07B Judah B
U07B Jakub H
U07B Alexander M
U07B Luke S
U07B Kade P
U07D Alystar F
U07D Luke H
U07D Joshua M
U07D Kobe S
U07D Patrick T
W08B Ava C
W08B Zoe S
W08B Gemma H
W08B Lily K
W08B Anna M
W08B Mackenzie M
W08B Gabrielle P
W08B Callie S
W08B Kiara T
W08B Kylie W
U08C Zac B
U08C Levi B
U08C Dylan H
U08C Athan N
U08C Ethan O
U08C Oliver R
U08C Noah W
U08C Xavier W
U08C Patrick W
U08C Sasha Z
W10H Lily Y
W10H Lexie C
W10H Lexi C
W10H Maclaryn H
W10H Ava H
W10H Maja M
W10H Selina S
U10C Eduard K
U10C Corey Y
U10C Saxon B
U10C Ryan B
U10C Lucas C
U10C Anthony L
U10C Akin M
U10C Blake M
U10C William P
U10C Louis P
U10C Patrick S
U10C Liam S
U10C Jesse W
U11B Angus H
U11B Ronnie J
U11B Darcy J
U11B Elliot M
U11B Tyler M
U11B Dylan M
U11B Ewan M
U11B Samuel N
U11B Liam N
U11B Brayden O
U11B Lachlan S
U11B Mitchell T
U14D Jye A
U14D Cody C
U14D Spencer K
U14D Timothy K
U14D Byron L
U14D Ethan M
U14D Oliver M
U14D Ethan P
U14D Leon R
U14D Pavel S
U14D Joshua T
U14E Thomas M
U14E Jack W
U14E Will A
U14E Noah B
U14E James F
U14E Cameron L
U14E Liam M
U14E Jaiden R
U14E Jarrod S
U14E Blake T
U14E Christian D
U14E Daniel S
U16B Jai C
U16B Lucas C
U16B Joshua C
U16B Luke G
U16B Kyle H
U16B Jason H
U16B Damian K
U16B Jarod L
U16B Jake L
U16B Lachlan M
U16B Tristen M
U16B Daniel M
U16B Joel S
U16B Cameron T
U16B Dylan Y
WSC Bronte B
WSC Brooke E
WSC Hayley R
WSC Emma T
WSC Kimberley C
WSC Slavica D
WSC Tamika G
WSC Leah H
WSC Ashlee H
WSC Phoebe I
WSC Taygan P
WSC Jill R
WSC Erin S
WSC Jayda S
WSC Crystal S
WSC Tiana T
WSD Brittany B
WSD Stephanie B
WSD Ashleigh H
WSD Kate J
WSD Leyla K
WSD Rebecca M
WSD Jennifer P
WSD Stacey S
WSD Kerry S
WSH Paris B
WSH Brooke D
WSH Carolyn D
WSH Kristie F
WSH Tegan J
WSH Brooke M
WSH Jaime M
WSH Tanara M
WSH Kirsty P
WSH Leigh P
WSH Darcy R
WSH Sharmayne W
WSH Claudia T

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